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480 Million
Barrels of Oil Traded in 2020
38 Metric Tones
Gold Traded in 2020
$2 Billion
Financing Provided in 2020

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We have the ability to store up to 500 Million Barrels of Oil. 
We are currently supplying over 150 Million Barrels of various oils per month.


Midland Capital's Bunkers is a new and compelling offering from Vitol, the world’s leading independent trader of energy products. Midland Capital's expertise and logistical network enables us to offer the highest quality marine fuels to ship and fleet owners around the globe.

We offer logistical support to all our customers to ensure them delivery of their products.
Whether we supply oil, gold, or other minerals, we can deliver them as well.
Whether its raw gold or Bullion gold bars, we have access to several gold mines globally. In 2020, we have traded over 38 metric tones of gold, a combination of both raw and bullion. 

All our gold are stored at LBMA Certified refineries.

Our Culture

Midland Capital's culture is integral to the business. It characterizes the way our people work, creates an optimal working environment and underpins its success.

Midland Capital's culture originated over 40 years ago with our founder's heritage and his combination of entrepreneurship, determination to succeed, integrity, hard work and humility. As the company has grown, the company’s leadership has been mindful to preserve and evolve the elements it believes to be both the foundations of a successful business and conducive to a pleasant and constructive working environment

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