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Our Humble Beginning & General Overview

Midland Capital Management started when three like-minded friends got together from different aspects of the Lending, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries and decided they wanted to change how lending works. For the better part of the decade, our goal has been to make tailored lending solutions for all of our clients, because we know not everyone's needs are the same product. Along with having a broad Real Estate Financing portfolio, we also offer Working Capital for Small Businesses. 

Our Founders

Mohammed T. Islam
Chief Executive Officer
Joshua Vizer
Chief Operating Officer
George Jouvin
Chief Financial Officer

Assets Under Management

Total Assets Under Management: $44.18 Billion
Real Estate Portfolio: $5.6 Billion  
Current Balance Sheet for Lending: $180 MIllion+
Statistics as of January 31th, 2021

Partners & Subsidiaries 

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Bridgewater Holdings Group
Established by our Founders in 2018 as a means to hold Real Estate assets globally. Over time, Bridgewater Holdings Group serves a much greater purpose, as a Conglomerate under Midland Capital Management.
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Midland Capital Asia
Headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Midland Capital Asia serves as an Investment Bank specializing in Distressed Debt across the United States and Canada. 
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ARC Capital Group
ARC Capital Group is a subsidiary of Midland Capital Management. ARC Capital serves as a lending institution for the higher risk credit ratings. 
The Midland Mutual Life Insurance Company ARC Capital Group is a
Headquartered in New York City, Midland Mutual Life Insurance Company operates as a Life Insurance Company in Asia. 

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