George R. Jouvin

Chief Financial Officer

New York University

As Chief Financial Officer of Midland Capital Management LLC and it's affiliates, my main responsibility is to oversee all financial and investment actions of the company, along with analyzing all strategic investments and lending portfolio offered and performed by Midland Capital Management. And also to work side by side our CEO, to ensure the growth and stability of our company. 


I started off my career in the early 80's as a Financial Representative for the United States Government. Soon after, I became a Financial Risk Analyst at JP Morgan where I was analyzing a wide portfolio of investment products. Around the mid 90's, I became a Senior Financial Risk Analyst for Citco, where I was managing $8 Billion in funds from several hedge-funds across the nation and expanding a wide lending portfolio. My strategic investment methods were strong and sustainable even across the 2008 market crash. Around 2010, I opened my business, a private lending institution; helping small business owners receive working capital for their business. Around 2015, I partnered with our current CEO, Mohammed Islam, and we were rebranded to Midland Capital Management LLC. 

Usually, on my free time I love to read books and travelling. I also love to network and meet new people and I enjoy motivating others to become successful. 


I am always available for anyone to reach out to. Best way to reach me is via email!