With access to 21 Gold Mines globally, whether our clients are looking for raw gold or Bullion, we have the supply.

Standard Operating Procedures


Letter of Intent

We ask a potential buyer for a Letter of Intent, indicating the quantity of gold they are looking for, the purity, the type, and destination. 


Formal-Corporate Offer & Commercial Invoice.

Upon the mutual agreement of all terms and conditions, we will send the buyer a Formal Corporate Offer along with a Commercial Invoice.


Assay Report

We then conduct an Assay Report by an Assay company of the buyer's choice.


Soft-Corporate Offer

After reviewing the Letter of Intent, we will provide the buyer with a Soft-Corporate Offer stating all the terms. 


Security Bond

After the buyer signs the FCO and CI, the buyer is then required to meet the payment terms as negotiated. In turn, we will provide a 2% Performance bond.



Once the buyer is satisfied with the Assay Report, and all terms are met, the gold is then ready for delivery. The buyer may pick it up from our LBMA Certified facilities or we can also deliver it to the buyer.