Crude & Products

We offer a wide range of different types of oil. The average Standard Operating Procedures for our oil transactions differ from buyer to buyer due to several geopolitical regulations as well as the delivery destination. For more details on our procedure, please contact us. 

Jet Fuel

We offer all types of Jet Fuel. A1 Jet Fuel is most in demand, and we are currently supplying over 50 million barrels per month of A1.


Most of the stock being in the United States, we give qualified buyers full access to our tank farms for dip tests.

Residue Fuel

The D6 Virgin Oil is our most high volume trade. We currently supply/trade upwards of 500 million gallons per month. 

Crude Oil

For all types of Crude Oil, we look to our holdings in Oman and other parts of the Arabian peninsula. We currently supply over 15 million barrels of crude oil per month.

Standard Transactional Procedures

Although our Transactional Procedures usually vary per transaction, we always like to keep it simple and easy.
  1. Buyer issues official ICPO addressed to the refinery or representative.

  2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI), buyer signs and returns the signed invoice to the seller.

  3. Seller issues to the buyer the partial proof of product documents:

    1. ATSC - Authority to sell and collect.

    2. DTA - Dip Test Authorization.

    3. PRODUCT PASSPORT - Product analysis report from a renowned inspection company.



    6. ATV – Authority to verify via email or phone call.

  4. Buyer may be given unconditional dip test authorization in order for Buyer to conduct a dip test is with buyer’s team to obtain fresh SGS report. Seller’s Attorney shall send invoice to Buyer, based on the number of days the Buyer requests the tanks to be extended for the Dip Test. Minimum being 1 day, maximum being 5 days.

  5. After a successful Dip Test in Seller’s tanks, Buyer may take over seller’s tank or Seller injects into buyer’s vessel / Tank and buyer conducts its DIP TEST Inspection for Q & Q of the Petroleum Products aboard vessel / Tank.

  6. Buyer after a successful Q &Q Dip test on the product, the buyer makes the payment for the total value of the product injected into the tanks through the means of MTI03 - TT.

  7. Upon seller receives the payment for the product from the buyer, the seller issues to the buyer the Title ownership of the product and all exporting documents of the Product.

For further information and to make enquires on our current stock, please email us at info@themcmllc.com.